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 Frequently asked questions from customers.
Q. Does the super water-repellent treatment “dewelry®” also repel hot water?
It may be used with water up to around 60°C, but is not use with boiling water as it is dangerous.
Q. Does it also repel seawater?
It functions in the same way to repel sea water, so it can also be used for sea bathing. However, please make sure to wash it as quickly as possible, otherwise salt residue will remain.
Q. Does it also repel oil?
It also repel some oil, but please make sure to wash it as quickly as possible, otherwise oil will reduce the water repellency.
Q. Is the “dewelry®” treatment safe?
The main ingredient used in super water-repellent treatment - fluorine - is also used in paper cups and toothpaste. There is no formalin present and the Asakura Senpu water repellent is also used in baby diaper covers.
In addition, the polyester material of the fabric does not produce dioxins even if burnt. You can use the product with confidence.
Q. How durable is the “dewelry®” treatment?
There are slight differences between the types of cloth fabric, but the water repellency after approximately 50 washes will be greater than or equal to Grade 4 (using the JIS L 1092 water repellency test (spray method)).
Q. How should I care the products?
The water repellency is reduced if detergent or oil adheres to the cloth, but returns to normal after being washed.
However, since fabric softener is water-absorbent, its usage should be avoided to prevent reduction of the water repellency.
Similarly, if something with a lot of fabric softener, such as baby detergent, is used, please rinse the cloth well.
Additionally, after filling with water and wringing out a number of times, the water repellency will return to normal after ironing (at a medium temperature, less than 160°C).
Q. If the material is polyester, isn't static electricity generated?
Please note that, although static electricity is less noticeable in summer, static electricity is likely to occur in winter, particularly on dry days.