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The secret behind “water dancer products” is based on our dewelry® water repellant treatment process used on each fabric. This special process is a unique and original technique developed at Asakura Senpu Co.,Ltd., specialists in dyeing and processing textiles since 1892.

Originally intended for the surface of baby diapers, this technology is now also being used for the swimwear of top athletes.

Although our products are manufactured to provide superior quality, high performance and long-lasting durability even after repeated machine washings, we continue to research new ways to make our products even better.


contact angle of normal water repellent
contact angle of super water repellent - dewelry -

When describing a 'superhydrophobic' (super water repellent) surface, we understand this to represent a surface with a very high rate of water repellency such that the contact angle of a water droplet exceeds 150° degrees.

The photo on the right shows a normal water repellant surface with a contact angle of approximately 110° degrees at the top and a super water repellent surface with a contact angle of approximately 160° degrees at the bottom. The larger the contact angle, the more the drop of water becomes spherical and easy to roll off.


steam through the fabric
steam through the fabric

In principle, super water repellency makes use of the difference in surface tension occurring between water and fluorine.

This effect is similar to the Teflon® coating of a frying pan.

And so, by adhering fluorocarbons to the filaments of the fabric one at a time, we are able to produce a fabric that repels water.

This is different to the process of waterproofing because the space between the threads is not blocked therefore, allowing the fabric to breathe naturally.

As a result, this prevents sweating; leaving one feeling dry and comfortable.

PFOA free

The dewelry® super water repellent treatment which is unique to Asakura Senpu Co.,Ltd. makes use of eco-friendly water repellent agents that are PFOA-free (Perfluorooctanoic Acid).

The dewelry® treatment is applied to all “water dancer products” and dewelry® which are characterized by a high level of water repellency and machine washing durability.

Although there are some differences depending on the type of fabric used, our products' water repellency performance does not degrade even after more than 50 washes*.

Although it is more difficult to maintain wash durability by using eco-friendly, PFOA-free materials, we, at Asakura Senpu Co.,Ltd. succeed at maintaining both a high level of water repellency and wash durability thanks to our century-long tradition of knowhow and expertise.

*over the 4th degree in the JIS L 1092 water repellency test conducted by spraying

labwash durability